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Introducing the Hoya Wayetii, a botanical treasure that's sure to captivate your heart and your space. This delightful houseplant showcases slender, cascading vines adorned with clusters of charming, waxy leaves adorned with splashes of silver and green, creating an exquisite tapestry of color and texture. Its growth pattern is both elegant and versatile, making it perfect for hanging baskets, shelves, or trellises.


Thriving in moderate, indirect light and minimal watering, the Hoya Wayetii is a low-maintenance gem for any plant lover. With its mild, sweet fragrance and air-purifying qualities, it not only adds aesthetic appeal but also enhances your indoor environment. Elevate your botanical collection with the Hoya Wayetii, a captivating masterpiece of nature that's bound to flourish in your care.


Pets: Pet friendly plant

Hoya Wayetti - 4" Nursery Pot

  • Live plants will be shipped Monday-Wednesday each week to ensure they are not sitting in shipping facilities over the weekend. Plants will ship via USPS Priority Mail/USPS Priority Mail Express to ensure timely arrival. Live plants are only available for shipping in the contiguous United States. Weather events such as extreme heat or cold may delay shipping to avoid stress and/or freezing of the plants. I will do my best to ensure all plants arrive in the best condition possible.

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