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Introducing the stunning Alocasia 'Melo' - a show-stopping houseplant with striking arrow-shaped leaves in shades of green and yellow. This tropical beauty will add a touch of exotic elegance to any indoor space. 


Care for your Alocasia 'Melo' by placing it in bright, indirect light and keeping the soil consistently moist (but not waterlogged). Ensure the plant is in a well-draining potting mix and maintain a warm, humid environment - similar to its native tropical habitat. 


Please note that the Alocasia 'Melo' is not pet safe and should be kept out of reach of furry friends as the leaves are toxic if ingested. This unique plant is perfect for those looking to add a dramatic statement to their home while maintaining proper care and caution. Bring home the alluring Alocasia 'Melo' today and enjoy its captivating presence in your living space.

Alocasia 'Melo'

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