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Introducing the stunning Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' houseplant, known for its striking arrow-shaped leaves and vibrant green color. This tropical beauty will instantly add a touch of elegance and drama to any room, making it a perfect addition to your indoor plant collection.


To keep your Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' thriving, be sure to place it in a well-lit area, away from direct sunlight. Keep the soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged, and mist the leaves regularly to maintain the plant's desired humidity levels. This plant enjoys a warm and humid environment, making it ideal for bathrooms or kitchens.


While the Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' is a stunning addition to your home, it is not considered pet-safe. If you have cats or dogs, be sure to keep this plant out of their reach to prevent any potential harm. Add the Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' to your home today and enjoy its lush, tropical aesthetic.

Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty'

PriceFrom $18.00
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